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These are several work I've made since I haven't been around on DA so for those that are watching I hope that you enjoy my work and I hope that I will continue working more in the future

Gift For a friend of mine by Tom-125
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Commish, Request, and others for my oc 8'D
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A Fire Within The Rain... by UhzeNostrom117
A Fire Within The Rain...
(Eyyyup, I have decided to work on a few old Screenshots that I've made in the past and give several of them some major editing, Enjoy! >XD)

"Even a Dragon Slayer like myself who are born with strong burning hearts and limitless courage to fight what we believe is right for the sake of the innocent and those we give our life for their sake...are left in the darkness and the cold rain, heartbroken at the lost of those we come to love dearly and are left in this galaxy forever alone without their comforting warmth..." ~ Commander Nova...mourning for the lost of the only human friend he has had the privilege to have fallen in love, now he stands near her grave...wanting to at least see her beautiful and warm-ful smile that she would offer him, for one last time in a desperation to cleanse his pain, his sadness and his never-ending hurtful loneliness...

Inspired by this song...…

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still on my lonely mind 
I think about you baby 
And I dream about you all the time 

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still with me in my dreams 
And tonight it's only you and me, yeah 

The miles just keep rollin' 
As the people leave their way to say hello 
I've heard this life is overrated 
But I hope that it gets better as we go, oh yeah yeah 

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still on my lonely mind 
I think about you baby 
And I dream about you all the time 

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still with me in my dreams 
And tonight girl it's only you and me 

Everything I know and anywhere I go 
It gets hard but it won't take away my love 
And when the last one falls, when it's all said and done 
It gets hard but it won't take away my love, whoa 

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still on my lonely mind 
I think about you baby 
And I dream about you all the time 

I'm here without you baby 
But you're still with me in my dreams 
And tonight girl it's only you and me
Beep. :3

Update: Sorry for the inactivity guys, been a little busy at work lately.
Chapter One: Awakening...

Among the dark galaxy, clouded with billions and billions of stars. A broken down Covenant Super Carrier floated in space, fearing that no one will ever discover its majesties. That was, until a strange black hole nearly gulped it in. Though the strangest thing is that the inside of the Black Hole was not as expected to be a trapped room of eternal darkness, more likely there was a shining light with thousands of white lights shining everywhere and soon the light vanished after the ship itself soon came out of the mysterious Black Hole and there the ships courses soon floated straight towards Planet Earth, only this Earth was not in the right timeline. Inside the ship, a glowing blue light soon emerged itself as a mapping screen that displayed the small blue world where the ship was bound to crash land. Upon that, a sudden shouting could be heard in the echoing darkness that resembled so much to that of a woman's own. As though she was pleading for something...or rather two individuals within a cryotube.

"Legion! Nova!!! Wake up!!!!" An alarmed female voice said aloud. It belonged to the artificial intelligence construct that went under the alias of "Jenna". Her cries for her two long-lost companions meant that something has just recently happened and she was in desperate need for them to emerge from their cryo pods in which they slept in.

"Wake up, you two! Please, I need you! Both of you!" She begged again to them.

At last, the cryotube chamber doors slowly opened and out stepped their inhabitants. One was an armored man donned in a black armor suit with purple trimmings and accents, while also baring a rather mechanical looking arm whom was often known as a Mercenary Spartan-III Soldier with many moments. This Spartan's name was none other than Spartan-716 Legion: The forsaken Spartan who had been betrayed by his own commander and had eventually brought back from the dead were not for the assisting hand of a certain Sangheili.

The other was an alien being who, along with his entire race, is a former commander/enemy-turned ally. The name of this one went under the alias of Commander Nova. The massive aliens armor toned down in a rather darkish approach than even the Spartan's own of baring red trimmings and accents towards his armor while baring visible scars of battles that he alone took place within.

It wasn't long before the two of them have already began to experience a sudden case of light-headed as both war Mercenaries were already feeling very groggy as well as a little bit disoriented after their sudden release from their prolonged hypersleep. The effects were a few seconds short and they regained their senses.

"What's going on?" Legion asked when he suddenly remembered and looked at the small table where he last saw her.

The Sangheili, known as Nova glanced around and noticed that the air around them was breathable again as he last remembered being trapped in outer space and that the piece of the human ship which they both used to escape from the doomed, massive War Machine that the P.M.C have recently created. A Massive ship that was capable of eradicating an entire planet was eventually brought down from the abyss of space when both Mercenaries confronted the leader of the P.M.C, Dalton. He wanted to ask what happened during their time in cryostasis when a blue light suddenly flickered and a small, sapphire woman appeared on the desk where Legion stood waiting.

"Thank goodness you two heard me calling. I thought the both of you would never respond." She said happily. 

"Everything alright with you, Jenna?" Nova inquired his A.I companion, placing his hand on the panel.

"I'm alright, how bout you two?" Jenna wondered, to which the both of them had nodded in response.

Nova had eventually began to scan around his area, to which Legion had done the same as well. Noticing slight changes that were done to the ship. "What the hell happened? Did the ship just crash?" He asked her.

"Way to state the obvious, genius." The Spartan with a robotic arm muttered, earning a scowl from the Sangheili.

"Your right about that matter, our ship recently just crash-landed on a planet during our little space drift from the destruction of Ragnarok. We'd better check it out." She encouraged both Mercenaries.

The two of them looked around for any weapons on board the ship...or what was left of it anyway.

As expected of the Spartan, he alone had eventually managed to regain most of his equipment as well as his trademark weaponry. Spotting his modified Type-45 Carbine, or simply a Brute Spiker to which he's had for him along the journey ahead for a very long time. Much of that can basically be said in similar matters for his Type-52 Special Applications Rifle or simply a Focus Rifle to which he had modified with a few major updates for the weapons accuracy, force and damage that would no doubt be capable enough of destroying a fully armored Wraith or Phantom.

As for Nova, besides the modified Type-Energy Sword who he had commonly referred as "Crimson Blaze", a modified Energy Sword that could easily slash itself through that of the toughest of armor and burn the victim til nothing remains of the victim's physical form. He eventually gotten his hands on several other of his own modified weapons, the first being a Pyrotechnic MA37 Assault Rifle that he would often refer as "Rebellious Spark" and the other being that of a Ionized-Round Type-51 Carbine that have also went under the alias to which he calls it "Scorching Strike".

After several hours past by of having to equip themselves with most of their armor and equipment on, both war veterans were finally prepared for the worst in what is to come for the both of them. Already proceeding themselves right out of the massive aircraft with flames continuing to burn around them for sometimes. Until the Sangheili had eventually removed his helmet and approach near the flames, already sucking in a decent amount of fire into his maw with a sudden belching sound.

"Just how can you even eat that without burning the ever-loving crap out of your stomach?" His companion, Legion wondered slightly of his friends strange yet unique abilities.

"Lets just say that its a bit of a unique perk that we Dragon Slayers are given with, Geehee..." The large Elite snickered nonchalantly.

The Spartan ignored that matter and had continued onward on stepping out from the ship remains and aimed their rifles everywhere for any menacing foes, but found none and lowered their weapons. But what they saw gave them puzzled looks behind their helmets. They were in a city, but it didn't look like any city they've ever ventured to before. It looked...retro.

Everything here was as if it were Earth in the 20th or 21st century. What made it even odder was that it was empty like some kind of ghost town. All over, there were wrecked vehicles, buildings and streets littered with fire, discarded paper, junk, and dried blood. Save for some dead bodies and the Spartan, Elite, and the A.I., there was no sign of life around. Had there been a civil war with the town's population or was there some sort of a huge riot? The lone war veterans walked along the city streets. Not a single person was present.

"Where the hell is everyone? This place is like a goddamn ghost town." Nova wondered, scanning around his surroundings for a moment with his built in Promethean Vision.

"Beats me, guess there must have been a civil war going on around here before we crash landed. Only issue is that there isn't a single corpse on sight, weird..." Legion stated as he had already began passing through the empty buildings.

Jenna said to them, already activating herself through both of the Mercenaries video comm."Let me see what I can look up, I'll go on lockdown for a moment to study our location."

Both of the Mercenaries agreed in unison whilst the A.I, Jenna did as she instructed herself on accomplishing, leaving all three intergalatic Mercenaries to and to explore the seemingly empty city that seemed slightly on fire for some odd reasons. For at least ten minutes or less, the A.I's light flickered in a strobe like pattern and eventually responded back to where both Legion and Nova caught sight of her in their video comm.

"Guys. I managed to learn about our situation, but you're not going to like it." The Artificial Intelligence stated with a slight warning.

But before she could inform them of her newfound knowledge, a newspaper drifted along the street they stood on and wrapped itself around Legion's ankle. He scooped it up and began reading it. Thanks to the Sangheili's helmet’s translator, Nova was fully well capable on reading as to what the article itself had to say about what was going on.

This is what it read:


It is being called "The most unimaginable thing to ever happen in the history of mankind!" What was meant for fictitious purposes has now become reality!

The living dead, also known as zombies, have invaded Raccoon City! They are showing the exact symptoms of the monsters portrayed in films, books, and video games: slow walking, ignorance of any pain, ghoulish groaning, peeling and decaying skin, ghostly-white eyes, and the worst one of all, an endless hunger for human flesh!

Just like in fiction, if a person is bitten or scratched by these deadly creatures, the victim will eventually, if not fully consumed by the attackers, becomes one of them!

Some locals are seeing this as a sign of the infamous, biblical apocalypse. Across the city, many religious residents are stating that the end has finally arrived and the entire world will face punishment for its sins. Others believe that it’s some kind of prank and the ghoulish figures are simply escaped convicts and mass murderers doing this for media attention and publicity.

This is what the town's S.T.A.R.S. members were trying to tell everyone the whole time since that mission in the Arklay Mountains and nobody refused to believe their story.

The R.P.D. had this to say...

However at the very end of the tattered article, there seemed to have had a page that was ripped out of the article itself. Meaning that the article itself proved no more use for either of the Mercenaries as the Spartan merely tossed it away as it flew with the wind that gave out an ominous odd scent. A scent that Nova would most likely be common to smell, Death... The A.I Construct, cyborg Spartan-III and finally the Sangheili Mercenary were in disbelief from what they had recently just read. But the three of them alone could never deny the fact and were forced to face the truth in front of their eyes. 

"That paper you read, what it says is true." She admitted through their inner video comm, crossing her arms while fixating her hair that made several data to flicker around her.

"Wait, the hell is that suppose to mean Jenna?" Nova questioned his A.I companion with his hand resting on his hip and his rifle nestling on his shoulder. He was clueless of their current situation as he knew very little of human mythological beings with the exception of Dragons, but in the end he alone was always a quick learner.

"I mean that the 'abandoned' city we're in," She used air quotes for that word. "Is an Alternate Earth town called Raccoon City. According to my data, the month and day is September 29th, and the year is 1998. Apparently, some man-made substance called 'T-Virus' was released by mistake and caused a massive outbreak that turned all humans and animals here into dangerous creatures called 'Zombies' and we are smack-dab in the middle of it all right now!"

Legion then remembered hearing at least many theories or hypothesis of the possibility that an infamous tragedy like this would most likely occur on their own universe on any day and any time due to some elaborate scheme from ONI who were intended on creating a biological weapon that could have gone out of hand and would have allowed a virus or a disease to spread across the galaxy itself and infect nearby planets til eventually their universe would be nothing more than a husk of living dead. But never would he imagine that is alternate world of Earth would actually have live undead Zombies walking among this new and mysterious Earth freely and feasted on the lives of Humans that they came across.

"So in other words, we're pretty much in another parallel universe where dead people eat anything on sight. *Sigh* Shit just got worst for the both of us, eh Legion?" The Sangheili said, slightly cracking his neck.

"Least its better than having to face the Flood." Legion corrected, finding the undead to be a less of a threat than the actual ones at their own universe.

"You sir, make a very valid point." Nova said, just after catching something on sight with his enhance Promethean Vision. "Hold up." He commanded, raising his rifle up and pointed it at the direction of a figure approaching in cold thermal readings.

"What's wrong boss, see something?" Legion asked of his partner before raising his Brute Spiker in a defensive stance.

"Oh I see something, alright...or at least what's left of them," Nova responded after keeping a close attention. "Expect company Legion, because we're about to have a hell of a party coming towards us..."

A sickening groan was heard and the war heroes quickly turned around and spotted Raccoon City's population: zombies. About a dozen of them were limping toward Nova and Legion, their mouths agape as several of their teeth have rotten with slight signs of Human flesh still lingering within their teeth and were ready for eating more unfortunate victims.

"So these are what Zombies look like huh? They don't seem that tough, hell they kinda remind me of kiddy versions of Floods." Said the large armored Elite. To him, they really did remind him of the dangerous Flood. 

"Indeed." Legion answered, readying his weapon for combat. "But they're not Flood, they’re humans who have been infected by this virus. Apparently one bite or scratch from these bastards spells doom for their victims. But thanks to our armor suits and energy shields, that should be impossible, plus they're slow and weak so I doubt they'll prove that much of a challenge for the both of us."

"Hey, this just brings me a brilliant and fun idea!" The Sangheili commented with a sudden anime-like light bulb appearing over his head. Grinning like a child behind his helmet.

The Spartan slowly groaned at his Commanders childish behavior, already resting his back against a nearby damage concrete with his Spiker now resting against his thigh. "Oh boy, this outta be good..."

It was then that the one of the Zombies launched itself straight into the Sangheili, just for the undead monster to gain a devastating blow to the face with most of it being scorched away from the flames that had already emitted around the Sangheili's left arm. Now approaching towards them with his Assault Rifle being whipped out and took a fighting stance. "First one to get the most kills, wins while the loser have's to pay a thousand credits to the winnder! Wanna take that bet, bucket-face?"

It wasn't long before the Spartan whipped his Brute Spiker, firing several spikes that eventually made contact on a few nearby unead Zombies whom were in close range for his weapon with the exception of nailing one spike on one of the undeads leg, crippling it as it tried to crawl its way towards the Spartan. Slowly moving himself from the concrete, Legion had eventually approached himself to the crippled undead Zombie. Gazing down at is as the Zombie clenched hold of his boot, he kicked it away and soon gave a finishing move by slamming his boot straight into the skull of the Zombie. Now facing Nova with a determined look behind his helmet.

"Your so gonna lose, you pyromaniac." The Spartan stated, already making an approach to the group of undead with Nova closing in behind him.

In an instant with most of the Zombies moving in a very slow pace while other Zombies that only had half of their own body crawled their way to gain more delicious flesh of the latest victims as of today, both of the L.A.C Mercenaries leapt into action and eventually confronted with the massive horde of living dead with the Sangheili taking the lead of the fight as he roared in the air. Slamming his massive fist against the leading Zombie with a sudden roar as flames had already began blazing around his left arm.

"FIRE DRAGON'S TALON STRIKE!" Nova roared ferociously with a sudden explosion occuring in the middle of the hording group of Zombies, sending a great amount of nearby Zombies flying everywhere while they were still set ablaze.

As the hording armies of the undead began to triple their forces and advance towards the Sangheili with their maws wide open and their limps spreading towards the direction of their new prey, completely oblivious to the fact that the situation was already beginning to shift where they were the ones that were being preying on. Nova took a leap into the air and landed neatly whilst standing upon a broken down rubble, whipping out his assault rifle with fast reflex unlike any other individual within his clan ever could as a laser lit up with the addition of an Energy Blade-like bayonet that dangled at the bottom of the rifle. Pulling the trigger of his rifle, he unleashed a barrage of Incendiary rounds at any Zombies with precise accuracy as their the Zombies whom were hit by each round were slowly evaporated into a pile of ash before being set ablaze. 

While taking out the first and second group that the Mercenary Commander had encountered and effortlessly eradicated with little concern with one of the Zombies trying to get the jump on him and nearly took a bite on his armor, only for the unfortunate Zombie to be reduced in smoldering ashes due to the Ionized composed shield that wrapped itself around the Sangheili's massive form and armor. A third group of undead had eventually revealed themselves from behind, walking their way in silent motions in an attempt to catch the Sangheili off guard. However, little did they know that the Sangheili was only playing with them and had knew of their presence due to the reeking odor that each were giving off.

Whipping his head around to face his ambushers, Nova had than sucked a great amount of air into his mouth while giving out a low and guttural growl that resembled so much to that of the creatures that have roamed in the galaxy eons ago. And for the first time in almost every known movies or facts about the undead creatures, every Zombie that heard the growl made a halt and have eventually took a few steps back in utter fear. Nova only glanced at them for a brief moment, grinning viciously after he had finally succeeded on sucking in as much air as he possibly can til suddenly, a strange magic seal conjured itself right in front of the Sangheili with the insignia of a dragon in the middle of the sphere with several fire designs.

"If you bastards wanna chew on something so badly, try chewing on THIS!" He declared, now chanting very loudly that made the area around them quake with flames surrounding the area. "FIRE DRAGON'S...ROAR!!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, eradicating a high amount of undead with a massive torrent of flames that slowly ate away everything that was within its path til nothing was left but ashes and broken down rubble and smoltering metal.

Meanwhile with the Spartan-III, Legion whom had already cleared his own group of undead Zombies had eventually sprinted forward in a speed of light to another nearby group of undead Zombies, nailing several of them in precise accuracy while slamming his boot ferociously on nearby that gave out the sounds of bones being snapped into a million pieces. He soon put his gun away to conserve his ammo and fatally punched out the first zombie he saw. A female zombie grabbed the Spartan by his left arm and bit down, but his armor and shields chipped the creature's teeth and Legion simply elbowed it hard in its right temple and it fell dead.

"Tsk, stupid Zombie..." Legion muttered in slight annoyance, already clenching it by the leg and using it like a bat to swat away the nearby Zombies.

A downed Zombie crawled toward them hungrily, but met its end when Legion lifted the creature by the neck with his robotic arm and tossed it away like a bag of trash. The Zombie landed on a sidewalk headfirst and broke its neck.

Their radars indicated that the coast was now clearing of infected. But that alone was merely the beginning of the nightmare itself, seeing as both Mercenaries had already began to proceed onward while leaving behind a vast vally of undead bodies scattered everywhere with most of their limbs either torn off from the force or blast of their weapons and strength while the rest were charred from the flames of the Dragon Slayer.

"Well, that was fun. Hopefully they'll be more for us to crack open with our bare hands, Geehee!" The Sangheili snickered in amusement with his hands resting behind his head as he continued marching with a glee like grin.

"I won't lie, it was kinda fun to be knocking heads again heheh..." The Spartan chuckled with his arms crossed while passing through a few damaged cars, it wouldn't be long before the Spartan had something on his mind. "Hey Nova, guess what..." Legion muttered quizzically to the Sangheili, already had a smirk form behind his helmet

"Yeah, what is it?" Nova responded, turning his attention back to the Spartan.

"I've got more kills than you, heheh. So you owe me a thousand credits when this shit is over." Legion stated while his smirk had already began to grow maliciously, snickering slightly to which it caught the attention of Nova who stared at him with a confused and eventually caused him to realize that he had lost in his own match against his rival yet companion.

"DAH F#CK I LOST!!!" The Sangheili shouted in frustration, the Spartan already chuckling at the Sangheili's sudden outburst before Nova got a hold of his composure and sighed. "Ugh...fine, I'll be sure to pay ya when we get out of this mess..."

"That's a good giant fire breathing lizard, heheh..." The Spartan snickered as he began taking the lead, not noticing the anime like angry look crossing on Nova's face.

As the duo from the future began to venture further into Raccoon City, the sound of a vehicle crash happened not too far from their position; it was soon followed by a second crash that led to a great explosion that lit up the night sky. Nova and Legion went to investigate. To play it safe, both activated their jetpacks and hovered on top of the buildings, mostly the tall ones.

Legion and Nova had their weapons ready. Both were now on top of an apartment building. Another zombie saw them and tried to interfere, but it was quickly brought down by the alien via a swipe to the leg and was kicked off the roof of said building and crashed below on the street with a splat. When the two got closer, they began to hear voices, they were coming from the crash site and they sounded human.

"Did you hear that?" The Sangheili questioned his partner, whom had tilted his head back to the Sangheili. "Sounds like we've got a few survivors..." 

"Any ideas as to how close they are from where we're at?" Legion inquired his Commander, while watching the Sangheili dip his head into the sky and sniffed the air of any potential scent.

In a matter of seconds, Nova had eventually caught hold of the survivors scent and cocked his head towards Legion. "And they're close, very close. One of them really needs to lay off of the perfume because dayum..." Nova stated as he wrinkled his nose within his helmet, finding the smell to be too...soothing.

"Than lets get a move on, hopefully they might have a few answers on what the hell's going on around here..." Legion said, as both Mercenaries already making their way towards the destination of great interest.

When they approached their destination, all they saw was an enormous field of fire crackling all over the road. But when they focused their helmet's zooming modes, they noticed two people, a man and a woman, standing on opposite sides of the wreckage, both of them blocked off by the flame wall.

The man's uniform described him as an authority figure, a police officer. His police clothing was blue with "R.P.D." written across his chest and back. There was a knife sheath on his left shoulder, he also wore black shoes and had blond hair. In his left hand was a pistol. Judging from her clothing, the woman looked like an outlaw biker-type. She wore a pink motorcycle outfit with stitched angel design on the back and words that read "Made In Heaven", a black short-sleeved shirt underneath, brown boots that almost reached up to her knees, fingerless leather gloves and her hair was tied into a ponytail. On the right side of her chest was another knife sheath, just like the cop had and a handgun in her hand.

"Claire!" Said the officer whom had yelled out while using his hand to shield his eyes form the intense heat of the flames.

"Leon!" And so did the biker, whom had been remaining in her spot with a weapon in her hand.

"Head for the police station, I'll meet you there!" Leon informed of his comrade.

"Okay!" Claire acknowledged right away, while taking a few steps away from the raging flames.

Then they turned themselves around with great reflex of avoiding the recent Zombies that came out of nowhere and went towards their separate ways so they would be able to reunite with one another, doing their best to avoid being eaten alive by the walking undead monsters. Little did any of the two survivors know was the fact that they were being watch. Crouched above the building while spectating the remaining survivors whom were dodging the clutches of the undead that were in great numbers, both L.A.C Mercenaries were now gazing out in front of them of what they were spectating.

"Guess this means we're splitting up Nova." Legion commented, keeping his attention focused solely on the Police Officer that had already made his way out of the area.

"Looks that way, Legion," Nova said to himself while his arms were crossed, gazing at the biker girl who had made her way through a building. "Here's the plan, you follow the cop and I'll follow the biker."

"Alrighty than, see you on the other side Nova. Oh and try not to make a move on the biker girl, she seems a little too young for ya." Legion warned Nova who had given his own response in the sound of a growl right after the Spartan had leapt off of the tall building, making his way through the flames and headed to the directions of where the officer went.

Nova said nothing, other than nodding and growling too himself as he rose from his crouch and began to crack his knuckles. He soon leapt out of the building from where he was crouching on for sometimes. Now making his own destination on finding the female biker through a city going through the very depths of hell itself...But in the end, even hell itself would not be enough to chain down this Dragon, not by a long shot...

Resident Evil: L.A.C Assault Chapter One...
Hope Ya'll like it and I'll be sure to keep my promise and post up "Dawn Of A New War" Chapter as soon as I can so sit back and enjoy our two favorite Mercenaries of the L.A.C send the undead back to being dead, Geehee!
Beep. :3

Update: Sorry for the inactivity guys, been a little busy at work lately.

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